Introducing one of our most secure card chips yet


At Thames, we’re always looking out for technical advances in plastic card production that we can pass on to our customers. This is about staying ahead of the curve to offer the highest levels of security.

Which is why we’re happy to highlight Multos technology. We’ve been using this in our EMV products for a short time now and are pleased to share the results.

For those that don’t know, EMV is a global standard for credit and debit payment cards based on chip card technology. It takes its initials from the original card schemes that developed it: Europay, MasterCard and Visa.

Now obviously with any credit or debit card scheme, issuers want the cards to be as secure as possible. And that’s where Multos technology comes to the fore.

It’s designed to meet the highest security standards of any smart card – whether that’s SDA (Static Data Authentication) or DDA (Dynamic Data Authentication) application architecture.

Constantly developing for EMV applications, Multos is optimised for performance and security.

And, having put it to the test, our team can help advise you in your EMV card issuing project. Be that from an issuer perspective, a personalisation bureau, a card embedder, or more.

Multos, is of course, just one of the chip suppliers we works with. We understand that each client and project is different and would be only too happy to help you find the right chip for your card.

For more information, please contact us