Thames Technology goes even greener with new partnership


We’re so proud to announce our new strategic partnership that will see us offer new environmentally-friendly cards as well as a shorter, more sustainable supply chain.

By partnering with Green Gift Cards – who has an exclusive agreement with Iggesund Paperboard to supply their uncoated material – we will enhance our offering. That means that we will provide customers with a range of ‘greener’ board materials on different formats including the M6 snap on board, of which Green Gift Cards owns the intellectual property.

Arguably, the new material of choice for brands who want to switch from PVC to paperboard is Iggesund’s Invercote Duo, available in both coated and uncoated.

The paper is supplied by Iggesund Mill in Sweden, an ethically-focused integrated pulp and paperboard mill. Shipping from Sweden not only shortens the supply chain from suppliers, but also comes with a host of other sustainable benefits.

Iggesund considers the forests as the planet’s lungs. Forests transform carbon dioxide into oxygen and are a prerequisite for our long-term survival as a species. Well-managed forests transform carbon dioxide into life-giving oxygen and serve as nature’s own carbon storage solution. Iggesund are committed to mitigating climate change and to managing their forests and manufacturing processes the highest environmental standards.

Replanting is a natural part of responsible forest management and harvested volumes are consistently lower than the growth rate, providing a 1% increase of standing timber volume per year in the group’s forests.


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