Digital Gift Card Platform

Using the Frizbee platform to create digital cards that can be sent via email to the customer


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Digital Gift Card Platform


At Thames Technology, it is not only physical cards we produce, but now through our ‘FRIZBEE’ platform, we can process and distribute digital gift cards, promotional cards and customer rebate vouchers.

Our white label platform will power your business to issue digital and physical gift cards. These can be direct to Business (B2B) or ordered directly by a customer for a family member or friend (B2C).

Once ordered, your client will receive a digital gift card via email or PDF or SMS or physical card. It’s their choice.

Simple and easy to use, Frizbee offers a new business opportunity to drive gift card revenues. Frizbee will connect all B2B Agencies and payment services providers, and save your business time and effort. 

The on-line dash board allows you full live visibility of sales values, customer information, and purchase history. 

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