Thames Technology launches new e-gifting delivery platform for digital and physical gift cards

Thames Technology launches new E-gifting platform

Thames Technology brings successful Frizbee digital gift card delivery platform to the UK

Thames Technology is delighted to extend its gift card offering by bringing the successful Frizbee e-gift card solution to the UK. 

The new digital and physical gift card delivery platform helps companies generate additional income with digital and physical gift cards whilst reducing the cost of operations for all prepaid activities.

Managing all gifting solutions in one place, it enables businesses to create digital cards and voucher codes for both B2B and B2C customers, as well as order and manage stock of their physical gift cards though an online portal.

Already implemented in 16 countries, the new e-gifting service offers an all-in-one platform for gift cards and connects with all B2B agencies and payment services providers.

In addition to managing gift card requirements, the platform offers an ideal solution for customer service teams to easily process refunds and compensation through digital issuing of vouchers. Thanks to integration with CRM platforms such as Hubspot and Salesforce, marketing teams can use the platform to automate targeted voucher based discount compaigns to increase performance and ROI, whilst providing a better customer experience.

Che Colford, General Manager at Thames Technology, commented:

"We are extremely excited about bringing this new simple-to-use system to our UK customers. It will help businesses drive gift card revenue by creating a great seamless customer experience whilst saving organisational time and effort for both physical and digital gift card management. 

Gift cards have seen a huge surge in demand during the current pandemic, and digital delivery forms are beginning to form a vital part of companies' gift card strategies during these challenging times."