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Cards can support your business in many different ways. Unsure where to start? We’ll help you find what’s best for your customers.


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How can cards benefit your business?

If cards aren’t your main business and you’re considering a programme, we can help you through the many options. Our consultants specialise in guiding new customers. And existing ones as their needs evolve.

Customer Convenience

With an emphasis on flexibility, our commercial card programmes can provide your customers with a convenient way to access services and incentives.

Our commercial cards are ideal for hotels, promotional marketing, membership, identification and more. When customers can tap, scan or swipe with their card, they have an instant, convenient way to access your services and incentives.

Brand Engagement

With commercial cards it’s never been easier to increase awareness of your brand and enhance customer engagement. Let us show you how.

Our commercial cards are the perfect method of boosting engagement. This is not just about increasing the visibility of your business, but also making customers want to interact with your brand.

From playful to hard-hitting, our studio team is ready to develop the creative work that will truly connect with your customers. Then it’s on to our manufacturing department. Being single source from start to finish, you’re guaranteed optimised production.




With every project being unique, we can recommend cards that range from single-function to multi-function. Together we can achieve your commercial goal.

Our flexibility as your manufacturing partner comes from having the capacity to support demanding volumes and lead times. It comes from being dedicated to our core values of integrity, quality and responsiveness. And it comes from being there for you.

Make one decision, we help with everything else

When choose Thames Technology, you get instant access to our consultants’ 25 years of experience in commercial cards. It covers helping issuers discover everything from the best card types and card materials, to printing, personalisation and packaging. We have a programme as unique as your business.

  1. Ideas & Planning: Planning and collaboration is crucial, not least in us understanding what you want to achieve. It’s how we ensure a project in-line with your objectives.
  2. Requirement & Functionality: Here we outline and refine the technical aspects that will deliver for you and your customers. Functionality is key.
  3. Design & Artwork: Bring us an existing idea or let our team of designer’s craft something from scratch. Either way, we can develop inspiring artwork.
  4. Technology: Our technology is diverse, covering data management and modern issuance. Naturally, we’ll walk you through the different ways you can benefit.

A Full Range of Solutions:

  • Health Cards
  • Membership Cards
  • Transport Cards
  • ID Cards
  • Access Cards
  • E Top-Up Cards
  • Promotional Cards



The Journey of your Cards

As your card issuing partner, Thames Technology will take you through a step-by-step process. This is the journey of your cards.


1. Raw Materials

Thames Technology will help you select the best raw material for your project. We’ve a selection including PVC, Recycled PETG, Teslin® and paper-based board.

2. Card Manufacture

Using the latest equipment means we can offer a refined process, delivering with speed and precision to meet deadlines. We turn plain card substrates into ambassadors for your brand.

3. Data

Regardless of size or scale, your data is managed in the same way: in-line with industry best practices. It’s why banks trust us. We have PCI, ISO and CQM certifications and are Mastercard and Visa accredited.

4. Personalisation

Our equipment provides unrivalled capacity and efficiency to encode and print customer data. You take care of the personal relationship with your customers, Thames Technology can take care of the rest.

5. Secure Fulfillment & Mailing

To truly push the boundaries in secure packaging, alongside our tamper-evident sealed packs, we also have invested in the most efficient technology supported by a highly specialised fulfilment team. It’s our way of ensuring your card goes to the right person. 

6. Security / Logistics

From the secure on-site storage of your completed products to moving them safely around the world to their final destination, you can rest assured that they will be delivered on time and in full.

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