Digital Printing Services

Quality card printing services with a quick turn-around

Thames Technology digital printing services is able to print financial and retail cards

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Let us help you with all your financial and retail card digital printing needs.

Thanks to our investment in a new HP Indigo 35K digital offset press, the first of its kind in the UK and the EMEA region, Thames Technology can offer enhanced flexibility for the production of any of your financial and retail cards as well as their associated packaging.

This means we can fulfil the requirements of our new and existing customers for quality print with a quick turn-around time regardless of quantity.

What are the benefits of digital printing? 

Shorter print runs

The ability to go straight to print without the need for printing plates, means we can offer shorter print runs for digitally printed card and carrier products. This enables our customers to use dual branding and test the popularity of different designs.

Fast delivery

By printing more jobs over a shorter period – and in a format better suited to our finishing setup – we can offer faster delivery across an even wider range of products, helping you meet these all-important deadlines.

Mass customisation and personalisation

With Thames Technology already at the leading edge of personalisation, our digital printing services provide yet another step change in our ability to fulfil the increasing demand for customised and personalised products via on-demand printing. As a result, digital printing technologies open the doors for our customers to create new market opportunities.  

Increased capacity

The addition of digital printing services has substantially increased our overall production capacity, enabling us to work towards tight deadlines regardless of the current demand situation.

Premium quality - Fast

The print quality of the HP Indigo is market-leading, complementing our existing technology and offering superior high-definition results whilst being able to print on all current substrates.

Our colour capabilities include CMYK, OVG, spot for most Pantone colours and UV ensuring excellent colour consistency for brand recognition. And with print speeds of up to 4,600 sheets per hour, you don’t have to wait long to see the result!

A sustainable solution

The HP Indigo 35K press fits in perfectly with our continued drive to reduce our impact on the environment: Not only is it ideally suited to print on our recently launched Eden range of sustainable card materials, but its highly efficient operation also reduces waste and minimises energy consumption.


Digital printing for financial cards

Digitally printed financial co-branded cards

Fast onboarding and flexibility around card volumes and designs are key for many of our financial card issuing partners. That’s why the HP Indigo is so well suited to serving our banking clients. With the ability to run multiple designs across one card order, Thames Technology can respond to co-branding programs with minimal stock requirements, whilst satisfying the expectations for high print quality.

For clients, who want to offer their own customers a choice of card design, our digital printing services can offer the best quality print without the need for high investments in card designs that may or may not prove popular. 

Digital printing for retail cards

Digitally printed thank you cards

Our digital printing services are ideal for the production of any of your gift, loyalty and membership cards and their associated carriers. With the ability to print on our range of eco-friendly card materials, you can be sure to meet your sustainability targets.

The option for mass customisation means that digital printing of gift cards offers a host of opportunities for retailers to capitalise on new opportunities to drive additional sales and evaluate the success of existing campaigns. For example, the being able to print individual 2D barcodes on cards relating to postcodes, can help you track the uptake of promotions in different areas.

In addition, fast turnaround and short run capability give retailers the chance to test the market for non-traditional gift card events, evaluate the popularity of new innovative designs and respond quickly to promotional opportunities.

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