Card Management Portal

Our Customer Portal ensures customers have full visibility of their ordering and distribution process

card management portal

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Our advanced card management portal allows you to check the stock levels for cards and other collateral we are holding for you to aid decisions on when re-ordering is required, and future ordering quantities.

The extensive reporting functionality enables you to drill down to see despatches from the previous day, week, month or any other time period to analyse trends and forecast demand. With access to individual identification, tracking individual cards is simple.


There are four reports available via the dashboard:

• Stock List: A report of all stock items owned by a customer, including current stock levels;
• Stock Orders: A report of all stock orders placed by a customer, including their current statuses;
• Batch Processing: A header-and-body report of all call off orders placed by a customer, including statuses and values;
• Record Search: A report of call off data at record level, so the customer can view the status of each individual card.

Due to secure data compliance laws, the data in this particular report only goes back 30 days.

Each report has the filter and sort functions you’d expect. The Portal also has an “Export to CSV” function on every report, which copies the unfiltered data into an Excel workbook, and simple administrative functions letting the customer manage their user accounts.

All Portal data is updated direct from our reporting databases, the same data used internally at Thames Technology, and is updated from the live system every 15 minutes during office hours.



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