Gift Cards

Flexible, secure and convenient; the go-to gift of choice. We can launch your new gift card campaign or manage an existing one.


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Gift cards – increasingly becoming the gift of choice


Retailers value their flexibility and security. For that they turn to us to deliver. Make Thames Technology your full-service partner. 

Industry Recognised

Being committed to best practice is something we’re proud of. It’s why we’re known throughout the industry.

Our reputation as an efficient, flexible and secure partner for gift card issuers is borne from being committed to best practice. Nearly 20 years’ of Mastercard and Visa certification ensures you get the highest level of security.

We are active members of the UK Gift Card & Voucher Association and know the industry inside out.

Innovative Design

Our designers can bring your ideas to life. Always with a bespoke solution. Always complementing your values and brand.

In an increasingly competitive market, your brand needs to stand out more than ever. This is where our designers come into their own. Using their experience they’ll work with you to develop the best creative work to connect with your customers and properly reflect your brand.

From traditional and eco-friendly materials, to a range of finishes and shapes, right through to tailor-made packaging and distribution, you can customise to your heart’s content. And naturally, we’ll be there to guide you through every step of the way.



Secure Packaging & Fulfilment

Whether displayed in-store or delivered to consumers, our custom packaging guarantees maximum impact for your cards. Our novel Gift Card+ offering even combines a small physical gift with a gift card for that extra 'wow' factor. 

It takes years of experience and a high level of expertise to package and distribute cards securely. Fortunately, at Thames Technology we’ve got both. Whether it is for delivery to retail outlets, direct to your customers, or stored securely, we are dedicated to safely fulfilling your order.

Services like our tamper-evident sealed packs are regarded as being more than efficient. We use our state of the art automated systems supported by our highly-specialised hand fulfilment team. Whatever your desired approach, we take great pride in our security.

Flexible & Responsive

We remain responsive through our use of new hardware and software. It ensures a secure and efficient card process for you.

Agility and responsiveness go hand-in-hand. At Thames Technology, we achieve it through sourcing the very best hardware and software. This investment in technology – placing innovation at the heart of our operations – enables an efficient production and management process for our customers.

It’s something we’ve always strived to offer, from being involved in the UK’s very first gift card programme. And today, we can support any security, personalisation or mounting requirements. With greater capacity, shorter lead times and a permanently flexible approach to business.


Helping you with the latest technology

Technology is our strength. Let us recommend the best set-up for your gift card programme.

  1. Choose Your Material: From traditional to eco-friendly, we’ll help you choose the material that fits your brand and values.
  2. Impactful Finishes: Our printing can make your cards stand out. That’s the power of embossing, foil overlays, metallic finishes and innovative print technology
  3. Engaging Shapes: We can increase the reach of your marketing campaign with cards in all kinds of shapes and sizes.
  4. Open and Closed Loop: What’s best - open or closed loop cards? We are equally adept at both and can advise you on the best choice for you.



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