Gift Card+

The Gift Card with the little added extra to 'wow' your customers and help you drive sales 

Gift card plus

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Enhance your offering by combining a gift card with a small physical product

Boost your gift card offering, drive sales and increase average transaction value (ATV) with our new Gift Card+.
We have worked with a number of different retailers and brands to create an offering which provides additional value to your gift cards. Our new Gift Card+ provides the customer with a desirable alternative to a pure gift card purchase, as the recipient has a present to enjoy straight away and a future purchase to look forward to. 
Gift card plus Counter Display Unit

What is Gift Card+?

Gift Card+ is typically a gift card of higher than average value presented in a beautifully designed gift box along with an associated small physical gift. This can either be a free sample or a small product where the sales price is split between the gift card and the product, for example a £40.00 gift card is presented with a £10.00 product and sold together for £50.00. 
To create your exclusive Gift Card+ offering, our experienced creative team works with you to generate a stunning packaging design for your product and gift card combination suit your budget. This can include counter display units to enable you to maximise impact at the point of sale. 

Key Benefits

  • Create an alternative for shoppers who are looking for more than a gift card
  • Set yourself apart from your competitors
  • Increase ATV
  • Drive additional sales


Our Experience

Over the years thanks to continued innovation and impactful design we have helped major retailers add that little extra to their gift card offering to increase sales and create a competitive advantage. 

Thames Technology have previously produced combined gift card offerings for major high street retailers including Debenhams as well as brands such as Estee Lauder, Clinique, Clarins and Urban Decay.

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