Secure Data Services

We are dedicated to safeguarding, no matter the size or scale.

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Keeping your products and data secure


At Thames Technology, we have strong competence in providing secure and continuously available IT security and infrastructure services to customers. We deliver specialized, secured solutions that help organisations achieve reliability and resilience tailored to meet their needs

We adopt and adapt best practice methodologies and framework, whilst designing, implementing and supporting customers with the core element of data security- the CIA triad (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability). 

Secure data transfer links as dictated by National legislation, the Data Protection Act 2018 and/or the General Data Protection Regulation

Our security measures stay ahead of industry requirements, and often exceed our customers’ expectations. It’s why we are trusted throughout the world. Secure data transfer links and partnerships with all major providers
  • PCI and CQM certified
  • Secure EMV® products since 1999
  • EMV® chip payment cards since 2004
  • Member of Mastercard Vendor Program
  • Tamper-evident packaging
  • Constantly reviewed processes and infrastructure



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