Invercote Paperboard Gift Cards

Premium quality gift cards which are even more sustainable than conventional paperboard gift cards 

sustainable Invercote paperboard card

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Together with Holmen Iggesund, Thames Technology is reshaping the gift card industry, one sustainable gift card at a time.

We take pride in offering our customers premium quality gift card solutions while also prioritising environmental sustainability

That's why we have partnered with Holmen Iggesund, a renowned leader in sustainable paperboard production, to offer the most sustainable paperboard gift cards available. Our gift cards are made using the innovative Invercote Duo board which is produced at the Holmen Iggesund factory in Sweden, and the Incada board which is manufactured at their UK production facility in Workington.

Offering a unique combination of premium quality, aesthetics, and sustainability performance, the Invercote Duo board provides a rigidity and thickness which is comparable to PVC. In addition, the fully coated surface of the material has been designed to meet the requirements for high quality image reproduction. 

The environmental benefits 

CO2 savings illustrated for Invercote Paperboard from Thames Technology


Choosing Holmen Iggesund's Invercote Duo or Incada materials for your gift cards comes with numerous environmental benefits compared to other types of paperboard or PVC.

1 tonne of Invercote Duo paperboard which will produce approximately 220,000 gift cards, will emit 33kg of CO2, resulting in an eco-friendly 0.15 grams of CO2 per card. In comparison, 1 tonne of conventional paperboard material will produce approximately 800kg of CO2, which equates to 3.63 grams of CO2 per card.

At the end of its life, paperboard is 100% recyclable and compostable whereas PVC cannot be recycled through domestic waste collection and will instead end up in landfill or incineration. 


Sustainability at the core

Holmen Iggesund is a Platinum EcoVadis organisation, standing proudly in the top 1% of sustainable businesses globally. By managing the entire end-to-end process within their business, from seed orchards to nurseries and reforestation, they ensure the responsible sourcing of materials for our Invercote gift cards.

In both Sweden and the UK, the forests Holmen Iggesund manage continue to grow by 1% every year, showcasing their dedication to reforestation and promoting biodiversity. The harvested trees find a dual purpose, with the majority used for timber in construction and furniture, effectively locking in the carbon. The remaining parts of the tree, including the top (30%), are utilised for paper manufacturing. Waste materials and extracted Lignin are harnessed to power the production plant through a bio-mass boiler, further emphasising their commitment to sustainability.


Add some sparkle to your gift card range 

We were proud to produce the first dual Metalprint gift card in 2022 with a fully recyclable paperboard gift card and carrier which does not require foil blocking. The eye-catching mirror-like surface of the environmentally-friend Invercote Metalprint paperboard adds a luxurious feel designed to 'wow' customers and ultimately boost gift card sales. 


Metalprint gift card