E-Gift Card Solution

Our digital and physical gift card delivery platform helps you manage all your prepaid solutions in one central place

E-gifting digital gift card platform

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Digital and Physical Gift Card Delivery Platform

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Using the Frizbee platform Thames Technology can create all your digital and physical gift cards that can be sent via email, SMS or post to your B2B or B2C customers seamlessly.

Already implemented in 16 countries, Frizbee is an all-in-one e-gifting solution with several off-the-shelf tools designed to help our partners improve the management of their prepaid activities. 

Simple and easy to use, Frizbee offers a new business opportunity to drive gift card revenues. Frizbee will connect to all B2B agencies and payment services providers, and save your business time and effort. 

E-gifting digital gift card platform

Key benefits

  • Helps you generate additional income with digital and physical gift cards
  • Reduces the cost of operation of all prepaid activities
  • Streamlines and improves the current processes with digital issuance
  • Great customer experience for both B2B and B2C customers
  • Connects to all B2B agencies and payment services providers


How does it work?

E-gifting digital gift card platform overview


B2C digital and physical cards

Offer your customers an original, personalised and multi-channel gift cards experience. Once ordered, your client will receive a digital gift card via email or PDF or SMS or physical card in the post. It’s their choice.

B2B digital and physical cards

Manage and monitor all B2B gift card activities via a single platform. Save time, improve security and gain scalability. The on-line dashboard allows you full live visibility of sales values, customer information, and purchase history. 

Customer service - refund and compensation

Digitalise all refund and compensation activity with Frizbee to streamline your customer service operations. 

Marketing platform

Increase your ROI and performance of your voucher campaigns through central incentive management. With API connections to all CRM (Hubspot, Salesforce), we can help you automate your campaigns and provide an integrated customer experience whilst reducing management cost.

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