Environmental Card Materials

Our new Eden Range offers a selection of more environmentally friendly plastic and non-plastic materials

Environmental material cards produced by Thames Technology

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At Thames Technology we believe in looking after the environment and reducing the impact our materials and processes have on our planet's ecosystem.

That's why we work hard to offer a broad range of environmentally friendly card materials for both retail and financial use. Our selected ranges combine superior quality with proven environmental credentials. 

Environmentally friendly Recycled PVC card

Recycled PVC (rPVC)

Our REVIVE card is produced using a post-industrial recycled PVC core and overlay. The total percentage of rPVC material used in the card construction is 75%+ for contactless cards and 100% for all other cards.
The material and card construction including the required non-plastic components such as chip and antenna are suitable for payment card use.
Card made from recycled PETG material

Recycled PETG

Coming from a sustainable source our RESTORE card has been specifically developed to reduce the reliance on virgin raw materials. It's produced using a post-industrial recycled PETG core along with a standard PETG overlay. The card is designed for payment card use and can include the required non-plastic components including chip and antenna. The percentage of eco-friendly recycled material used in the card construction is 57% for contactless and 79% for all other cards.


Bio PVC card material


Our REGENERATE card made from bio-degradable PVC offers a card option which is kinder to the environment. Its material decomposes twice as fast as standard plastic.
With identical qualities to a standard plastic card, bio-PVC is suitable for payment cards and can also be used on any card printer. Glossy print, high flex and temperature durability all come as standard with this material. 
The REGENERATE CARD is produced using a degradable PVC core and overlay along with the required non-plastic components including chip and antenna for payment cards. The total percentage of degradable material used in this card construction is 76% for contactless and 100% for all other cards. 
Environmentally friendly paper board card material

Paper board

Responsibly manufactured by one of the world's most environmentally friendly papermills our PAPER BOARD cards are 100% biodegradable. They are compostable to EN 13432 standard or can be 100% recycled in as paper waste. The mill is certified to ISO14001 environmental management standards and ISO9001 quality management standards and powered by bio energy so that no fossil fuel is used in the making of our boards.

Both our coated and uncoated board options offer rigidity and thickness comparable to PVC cards with a premium look and feel. We can provide these substrates in CR80, M6 and M6 snap formats along with a whole host of finishes and embellishments. 


sustainable card material Wood


Made from beautiful cherry wood, each card is unique with its own individual grain structure, surface and colour pattern. Recyclable and compostable, our WOOD cards represent an alternative with low environmental impact, further enhanced by the fact that no chemicals are used in production.  
In addition, our WOOD cards can be personalised with a barcode or magnetic stripe and finished with decorative glitter inks and UV highlights. Certified by Mastercard, the card construction supports HiCo mag, Mastercard hologram and the Mastercard logo. Using a PET-G prelam sandwiched between two layers of wood, the card supports dual interface and is contactless from both sides. 

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