From conference delegate IDs through to hotel access cards, we provide cards that drive revenue and customer retention

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Gift cards, loyalty cards and hotel room keys - all are widely used in the hospitality sector. Gift cards and loyalty cards are a way of helping businesses drive additional revenue, attract new customers and retain existing ones.

There is nothing better than receiving a gft card that contributes to a wonderful night out. Additionally, the gift incentivises them to visit your restaurant with friends or family and spend more than is loaded on the card. Loyalty cards reward repeat visits, and ensure that your customers are rewarded for their custom.

Hotel key cards work via swiping the magnetic tape, or more often these days via a contactless chip embedded in the card. We have the technology to produce these cards, and can advise your business on all elements of the manufacturing process.

Our new digital printing platform can help you create bespoke room key designs - this opens up additional possibilities for your hotel, such as highlighting local tourist spots on cards or even create a set for the bride and groom to differentiate your hotel in the all important wedding market.