Metal Cards

If you like to keep in touch with the very latest technological advances, Thames can supply cards made from metal, offering the height of sophistication and style.

Metal payment card

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Secure payment solutions and enhanced user experience


Heavyweight and alluring, the Metal Collection is an ultra-desirable set of three cards ideal for banking and financial applications. 

Our innovative metal cards

Thames Technology's EMV metal bank cards contain the first inlay in the world with a dual interface chip module and meet the payment sectors high security requirements of RFID-enabled smartcards. Being contactless on both sides enhances the efficiency and convenience of the card and therefore the customer experience as a whole.

Dual Interface technology, particularly suited to banking and commercial uses, these superior quality cards exude elegance, prestige and style. Giving an air of exclusivity, they are alluring both in look and feel, as well as offering a reassuringly weighty durability. With a subtle brushed finish or more polished sheen, metal cards are highly versatile, and highly sought-after.



Features and benefits:

A full metal option, one with a solid metal and polymer back named Hybrid, and Veneer, like Hybrid but allows for multi-coloured graphics. Ranging from 28 grams to 18 grams, these cards provide valuable weight and durability.

To meet the growing requirements for metal cards, we have developed a selection of construction, finishing and weight catering for all of our customers. This allows issuers of payment cards (banks, financial service providers, etc.) to offer luxury "packaged" metal cards alongside a range of privileges and benefits personalised to their customers and specific needs.


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