Plastic Cards

At Thames Technology, we provide a wide choice of plastic types including more sustainable and recycled options to suit your individual card needs.

plastic cards

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PVC has been the primary material for gift and loyalty cards over the years. Thanks to its strength and durability it is still widely used, especially for financial cards.

We have years of experience printing on this substrate, and the ability to apply a wide range of attractive finishes make this material ideal to help your gift card or loyalty card stand out from the crowd. 

Whilst PVC is not recyclable via domestic roadside collection, it is recyclable, and all our production waste goes back to licensed recyclers from where it can be turned into gutters, road cones and car bumpers etc. 


Recycled PETG

Following demand for a more sustainable product, the recently introduced 100% recycled PETG is new to the market. Coming from a sustainable source it has been specifically developed to reduce the reliance on virgin raw materials.

Features & Benefits:

A 100% recycled product, the type 0299 core film is constructed with recovered PETG skeletal waste from the medical pack market. When combining a state-of-the-art recycling system with the latest co-extrusion technology, this allows for the construction of a 100% recycled PETG film for the first time.



Our bio-degradable PVC offers a plastic card option which is kinder to the environment.

Features & Benefits:

With identical qualities to a standard plastic card, bio-PVC can also be used on any card printer. Glossy print, high flex and temperature durability are all qualities that come as standard with this material. Using bio-degradable PVC allows for faster bio-degradation, meaning our cards decompose over twice as fast as standard plastic.


water drops on a Teslin waterproof surface


Teslin® is a waterproof synthetic printing medium that’s both recyclable and non-toxic.

Features and benefits:

Teslin®cards feature an uncoated and extremely strong single-layer of film and are particularly well suited for lamination, locked-in inks and toners. Their print and processing flexibility makes them an ideal alternative material to PVC.


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