Sustainable Cards

Our eco-substrates are certified non-toxic, manufactured cleanly, safely and with minimal ecological impact and are able to be recycled.


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Uncoated Board

Our 790 micron uncoated board is a unique and truly sustainable alternative to plastic in gift card and ;oyalty card manufacturing. 

Features & Benefits:

Its high quality feel and exceptional rigidity make it an excellent choice. Its quality and durability do not compromise its green credentials.

Our uncoated board, created from replenishable raw materials is the only true alternative for businesses wishing to both choose sustainable printed products and reduce their plastic consumption.

  • Produced on FSC® Certified Material
  • 100% Bio-degradable
  • 100% Compostable
  • Low carbon footprint

We can also exclusively offer Invercote, Iggesund Paperboard’s uncoated material through our partnership with Green Gift Cards.

100% recyclable, biodegradable and responsibly manufactured at one of the world’s most environmentally friendly paper mills, awarded the Platinum EcoVadis sustainability rating. The material used to make green gift cards is a high quality board that boasts superior print and colour reproduction properties. A patented coating formula provides outstanding lightfastness and gives the end product a longer life. Read more.



Coated Board

Our coated 100% paper-based cards provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic gift cards, while grabbing attention at shelf with a wide range of printing and decorating possibilities unmatched by plastic. 

Features & Benefits:

Market leading environmental performance 30% PCW / Recyclable FSC® certified Green-e Certified Exceptional stiffness – offers plastic-like feel and snap.

When compared to using a standard plastic gift card, our coated paper card results in a positive impact on the environment. The usage of natural resources and waste is reduced by:

  • 81% in petroleum fuel oil usage
  • 29% in global warming potential
  • 31% in product municipal solid waste
  • 59% in grid electrical energy waste



Features and benefits:

Recyclable, compostable and sourced from FSC accredited forestry, wood cards represent an alternative with low environmental impact. If that wasn’t enough, wood cards can also be personalised with a bar code or magnetic stripe and finished with decorative glitter inks and U.V highlights.

Material: Original Cherry Wood, each piece unique with its own individual grain structure, surface and colour pattern.  No chemicals used in production. 
Certified by Mastercard, supports HiCo mag, Mastercard hologram, Mastercard logo.  Each card program requires a Mastercard variance request for the type approval.
Supports Dual Interface, contactless from both sides. Uses PetG Prelam sandwiched between two layers of wood.

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