Biometric Payment Cards

Our biometric payment cards use a built-in fingerprint sensor to securely authenticate a contact or contactless transaction

biometric payment cards

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Win new customers with this convenient and secure payment card option

Thames Technology's biometric payment card solution provides unsurpassable security of payment transactions alongside a simple and yet enhanced customer experience. We can help you set yourself apart from your competition by offering innovative payment solutions to enhance your new or existing brand. 
An on-card biometric (fingerprint) sensor enables the cardholder to authenticate a contact or contactless transaction. So the authentication moves away from 'what you know' to 'what you are', carrying a substantially increased level of security.

The time is right

Public acceptance of biometrics has risen sharply over last 5 years as fingerprint readers have become widely used across smartphones and other devices. Recent studies show that a growing percentage of users consider their use easier and more secure than PINs or passwords in an online scenario. This means that if your card is considered more secure, it has a better chance of becoming the card of choice for consumers.
The rate of contactless adoption was greatly accelerated during the first wave of Covid19 and many consumers continue to take advantage of higher spending caps introduced due to hygiene concerns around use of PIN pads. Biometric payment cards offer dual authentication for contactless payments, so spending caps can be completely lifted, providing more flexibility to cardholders with the potential to give your card ‘top of the wallet’ status.

Simple implementation

Our biometric payment card solution works with the existing payment infrastructure. Piloted technology has ensured that there are no requirements for merchant hardware updates or any other requirements for merchants or acquirers during transaction processing.   
Very few technical changes are needed for card issuers, so adoption of biometric payment cards can be quick, simple and affordable. 
biometric payment cards

Key benefits

  • Great innovative technology to entice new customers 
  • No cap for contactless transactions 
  • Fast transactions for consumers, no delay with PIN 
  • Secure payments, even for low (under the cap) values 
  • Customers choose the biometric card for hygiene or security reasons above others leading to increased card usage and improved customer trust and retention 
  • ISO/ PSD2 compliant solution 
  • Overall reduction of fraud in the industry 




How does it work? 

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Initial Set Up

Upon receiving their card, cardholders register their fingerprint via an enrolment device. During this process, the digital fingerprint image is securely stored on the card to protect cardholder's data and remove the risk of mass fraud attacks. 

payment card transaction

During a transaction

During the transaction the cardholder simply places the registered finger on the sensor and taps the card on the payment terminal. If required PINs can still be issue for ATM usage and initial card activation.

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The fingerprint placed on the sensor is compared with the stored template held on the chip and, if matching, card use is securely authenticated, without the requirement for a PIN. This means a cap on contactless transactions can be removed safely, enabling card holders to use a more hygienic contactless method of payment for all of their transactions.

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