Biometric Cards

The next generation contactless cards, with a built-in fingerprint sensor to securely authenticate transactions of any amount

Thames Technology Biometric Payment Card with fingerprint sensor

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Thames Technology offers revolutionary biometric contactless cards through partnership with IDEX Biometrics 

Thames Technology's biometric card solution, developed in collaboration with IDEX Biometrics, provides unsurpassable security of payment transactions alongside a simple and yet enhanced customer experience. We can help you set yourself apart from the competition by offering innovative payment solutions to enhance your new or existing offering.

Consumers can enjoy the benefits of seamless and secure transactions, issuers can gain a competitive edge through innovation, and merchants can streamline their operations while reducing costs associated with chargebacks, it's a win-win for everyone! 

Simple to use 

Very few technical changes are needed for card issuers, so adoption of biometric payment cards can be quick, simple and affordable. No PIN or password is required and the cards are accepted at all Visa and Mastercard terminals. 

Equipped with biometric authentication technology, contactless cards enable seamless and secure payment experiences for any purchase amount and can be used to make both contactless and contact payments. In addition, biometric cards are available as both recycled PVC (rPVC) and metal cards.

    What are the benefits of biometric cards? 

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    Consumer benefits

    • Seamless and fast payments
    • Better customer experience
    • Enhanced security
    • Enhanced data privacy
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    Issuer benefits

    • Superior and secure payment experience
    • Fewer false declines and improved approval rates
    • Approve transactions with high value and crossborder
    • Strenghten issuer market postion through differentiation with innovation
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    Merchant benefits

    • Eliminate PIN entry and signature for faster and secure checkout experience
    • Less friction due to false declines
    • Better approval rates due to less pın related issues
    • No charge back liability due to cardholder verification

    How does it work? 

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    Initial setup

    Upon receiving their biometric card, cardholders register their fingerprint via an app or sleeve. During this process, the digital fingerprint image is securely stored on the card to protect cardholder's data and remove the risk of fraud attacks. 

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    During a transaction

    During the transaction the cardholder simply places the registered finger on the sensor and taps the card on the payment terminal. If required, PINs can still be issued for ATM usage and initial card activation.

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    The fingerprint placed on the sensor is compared with the stored template held on the chip and, if matching, card use is securely authenticated. 

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